Mental Health Care Plans

Cause Effect Psychology accept GP Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP). They are completed by a GP or Psychiatrist pending you meet certain eligibility requirements.

Your MHCP referral lasts one year from the date the GP completes it. (So, if you saw your doctor on 3 October 2019, your referral lasts until 2 October 2020). You are eligible for up to 10 rebated sessions per calendar year for individual sessions and another 10 for group sessions. However, your initial referral will be for 6 sessions; after 6 sessions your psychologist will need to write a progress letter to let your doctor and request an additional 4 sessions should they consider it necessary. Then your doctor will lodge a review item number and your MHCP will be active for another 4 rebates. Your referral lasts a year, but your sessions ‘reset’ at the end of the year.

*From 2021, in response to an increased demand for mental health services during COVID, you can now access 20 sessions a calendar year: first 6; then back to your GP with a report from your psychologist for another 4; then another visit to the GP (with another progress report from your psychologist); to access another 10 sessions.

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