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    We respect our clients privacy and rights to confidentiality and we abide by a Code of Ethics designed to protect our clients at all times. Given that we are a community service. we do ask that you do not place any testimonials or reviews relating to your experience as a client of Cause Effect Psychology’s in the public domain (i.e. social media sites, Google Reviews, etc.).

    The use of testimonials in sales to influence consumer behaviour is known as “Social Proof” and this has been very well researched by the psychologist Robert Cialdini. It is our belief that publicly available consumer reviews lower the status of professional health services overall. We don’t believe that one persons’ experience with a medical professional, whether good, neutral or poor, will unlikely be comparable in another’s’ experience. A psychologist who is an amazing fit for you and your presenting issues may just not be another’s cup of tea for whatever reason.

    Whilst we are forever grateful for feedback from our clients, local GP’s and organisations who engage with Cause Effect Psychology. We invite feedback from our existing clients in an annual Client Satisfaction Survey. Please utilise this Feedback Form or email your positive / corrective experience directly to our Office Manager via or speak with your psychologist directly.

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