Leadership Appraisals and Profiling

Leadership Profiling

An effective way of up-skilling a number of managers within an organisation is to implement a leadership skills development program where individuals attend as a cohort. Cause Effect Psychologists are able to design an organisation’s leadership development program in close partnership with key stakeholders. Through consultation, we will obtain available organisational information and use this to create a multifaceted program framework, often incorporating a number of learning mediums (i.e. leadership assessment and team profiling, 360-feedback, skill development workshops, coaching / mentoring programs, etc.). The benefit of this approach is that the solution is tailored to the organisation resulting in the skills developed being practical, targeted and relevant, and outcomes-focused.
Pre-Employment Psychological Appraisals

Effective recruitment and selection processes can support your organisation to make informed hiring decisions, contributing to a high performing and productive workforce. Pre-employment psychological appraisals are particularly useful when hiring for positions that rely upon specific person-requirements or that require operation in difficult environments (i.e. remote site workers, public facing roles, emergency services, safety sensitive roles). The value of using psychometric assessments in conjunction with standard recruitment processes is well established however; it is vital to ensure the right selection of assessments against role criterion and organisational context. Cause Effect Psychology ensures that the ‘best fit’ possible is achieved between the requirements of the position and the successful candidate. We work with you to understand the critical competencies of the role itself, as well as the larger organisational context and design a process to meet these needs. We are able to formally assess a candidate’s intellectual strengths, personality characteristics, degree of psychological insight, leadership and management style, stress responses and emotional and motivational characteristics as part of a pre-employment appraisal.

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