Learning and Development

Customised Training Programs & Workshops

Providing relevant, high quality and customised training is a key component of building the skills and capacity of an effective workforce. Our facilitation style encourages interaction and challenges thinking, and we build skills via the use of role-plays, tailored activities, group discussions and focus groups.  To generate sustainable behavioural change, participants need to be provided with a range of practical strategies that they can apply in the workplace.  Allowing time during the workshop for participants to practice the skills involved increases the likelihood that transition of learning will occur. Our workshops are complemented with comprehensive workbooks and information sheets that provide participants with practical tools to continue their personal and professional growth and development following the program. Cause Effect Psychology will work with you to design a program that will meet the specific needs of your participants (from front line staff through to the Senior Executive level). Workshop duration is flexible and delivered to request of the organisation (i.e. 2 hour, half-day, full-day, etc).

Popular training programs we deliver across Australia include the following:

  • Managing Mental Health Awareness at Work
  • Situational Safety Awareness Program
  • The Emerging Leader Series
  • Leading Through Change
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Time Management and Prioritisation
  • High Performance Teaming
  • Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Please contact us via 07 3207 1851 or info@cepsychology.com.au for a discussion around your training needs.
Wellbeing Seminars

Our corporate wellbeing seminars provide practical introductions to a variety of self-management skills and topics. Research has shown that corporate wellbeing programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to the employees as well as long-term financial benefits for the employer.

Some benefits of Cause Effect’s corporate wellbeing seminars include:

  • Improved employee mental and physical health
  • Increased employee trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Fostering a community feeling amongst employees
  • Reduced stress-related issues
  • Increased employee resilience
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Higher morale in the workplace
  • Demonstrating that your organisation cares for its employees

As a result, the company will benefit financially due to:

  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Lowered absenteeism rates
  • Becoming an employer of choice, which helps attract and retain the best staff

We offer over 30 Wellbeing Session topic areas ranging from Active Listening Skills to Work-Life Balance.

These seminars are facilitated by qualified, experienced psychologists and offer practical, interesting introductions to a topic or skill. Our 1 hour sessions also include tip sheets and evaluation forms for participants and time to query with the facilitator.

We would be happy to provide more information around our most current Wellbeing Seminar series upon request.

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