Employee Transition Support

Vocational Assessment Services

Our Vocational Assessment programs focus on assessing an individual’s abilities, personal characteristics, work preferences, early training needs, strengths and tolerances, in order to predict current and future employment potential and adjustment.

Specifically, this service will offer varying support per individual via the following:

  • A face to face structured interview with the individual;
  • Assessment of reasoning abilities (online or paper & pencil);
  • Personality assessment (online or paper & pencil);
  • Assessment of work preferences or career interests (online or paper and pencil);
  • A vocational assessment report available to both the organisation and the participant that will overview assessment results, early training needs and recommendations interventions as discussed with the individual during the structured interview;
  • Verbal feedback regarding an individuals’ assessment performances provided by a Psychologist (either phone or face to face).

Career Transition Services / Outplacement Support

We adopt a practical focus on learning, developing and implementing job search skills and personal marketing skills. Through our process, we are able to provide expertise and support to affected employees and retained staff at different levels. While the nature and focus of sessions will be tailored to the needs of individual participants, examples of what the psychologist will cover with participants during sessions are outlined as follows:

Work with participants to better understand their individual strengths and career preferences;

  • Understand their work-related knowledge and transferable skills;
  • Create a professional CV that represents their skill sets;
  • Advice on networking approaches and techniques;
  • Understand how to use networks for jobs;
  • Make a positive impression at interview;
  • Understand how to utilise recruitment agencies;
  • Establish a tailored career development plan;
  • Identify suitable training options;
  • Develop a list of transferable skills;
  • Identify career strengths, motivations and talents.

These sessions are focused, highly practical and entirely confidential. They will give individuals an opportunity to learn more about their own working styles and professional values, and how to make use of this information to maximise work effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Cause Effect Psychology currently offers Bronze, Silver and Gold-level support programs to offer organisations’ and their employees a level of choice around the nature of assistance required.

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