Cause Effect Psychology has been founded by two committed psychologists who are products of the local community and recognised in the field. Kasia Gordon and Brett Somers are Brisbane-bred professionals who have extensive experience in providing best practice psychology solutions to individuals, couples and organisations.

Clinically, they are trained across a variety of therapeutic methods, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing and Gottman Marital & Relationship Therapy. They are dynamic and flexible in their approach and tailor their counselling style to suit the individual or couple they are working with.

Cause Effect Psychologists also provide high-quality organisational development and human resources consulting services to businesses across Australia. Our service range strengthens the capability of leaders, teams, workplaces and strategy to safeguard business sustainability, focus and adaptability through variable economic conditions.

Modelling values of transparency, integrity and professionalism, Cause Effect Psychologists strive to remain ahead of the curve through their ongoing engagement in professional development while giving back to the field through offering supervision, peer mentoring and skilled advice to developing practitioners.

Kasia Gordon
Kasia Gordon
Principal Psychologist

Kasia Gordon is an endorsed
Organisational Psychologist and
counselling professional who …read more…
Bret Somers
Brett Somers
BSocSci. PGDip Psychology AMAPS
Principal Psychologist

Brett Somers is a Registered Psychologist
with experience in clinical and
corporate psychology…read more…

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