Marital and Relationship Therapy

Our Principal Psychologists Kasia Gordon and Brett Somers are both Certified Gottman Therapists who specialise in marriage and relationship counselling.

From the outset of intervention, we aim to diagnose the cause of relationship dissatisfaction or disconnection, then tailor a treatment program which will benefit the couple. Many factors can lead to relationship breakdown. As such, it is important to choose a therapist who is experienced and well-trained in identifying presenting concerns and implementing the most appropriate strategies to resolve these.

Common themes for couples who present to our clinic include:
• Communication issues

• Lack of intimacy (emotional / physical)

• Patterns of poor conflict management

• Loss of love or friendship

• Relationship neglect

• Infidelity and affairs

• Low passion, desire and sexual drive

• Division of labour struggles

• Issues with addictions / dysfunctional pleasure-seeking behaviour

• Problems with parenting / co-parenting / step-parenting

• Issues with extended family members / blended family dynamics

• Imbalance of power or control

• Support with positively navigating separation or divorce

• Managing mental health issues for one or both partners

• Misalignment on values, shared meaning and future-state goals

The Couples Clinic therapists, Kasia and Brett, are trauma-informed psychologists who have been intensively trained in couples’-centric treatment frameworks including The Gottman Method, Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C), Schema Therapy for Couples (ST-C), as well as presentation-based training in affairs / betrayals, addiction and domestic violence.

Marriage and relationship counselling is also beneficial for those looking to enrich their relationship, and is not solely focused on crises and the repair of poor conflict management.

Please see the below links for more information on our specialised couples therapeutic process and services.

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