Immediate Support

There are many reasons why couples feel disconnected or dissatisfied in their relationship. Here are some strategies which you can implement immediately to start feeling more connected.

• Couples who are connected communicate in a positive way with one another – even during conflict. Successful relationships prioritise positivity. Make a point of finding what your partner is doing right…it may change your perspective.

• Managing conflict is integral in developing a sound relationship. When we think of past conflict, we can often highlight behaviours or comments which made things worse. Be mindful of becoming critical in conflict, as this is often our ‘go to’ and is ineffective in processing conflict and growing closer with our partners.

• When we are emotionally disconnected, it is easy to lose sight of what we admire in our partners. Think back to those times you felt strong admiration for your partner and begin reconnecting with this. Building fondness and admiration is key in developing strong relationships and is a focus of relationship counselling.

• Couples in crisis often neglect to learn about their partner. Finding out about your partners inner psychological world, including their fears, stressors, hopes and dreams will build connection and help your partner feel understood and cared for.

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