Workplace Burnout

Many of the common signs of burnout are very similar to those of depression. While symptoms of each can be similar, burnout is often a result of significant workplace stress. As such, the treatment for Burnout is tailored to target the cause of symptoms. Treatment can vary according to circumstances, however it usually comprises stress management and resilience training, setting specific and realistic goals around organisational commitment, and empowering an individual to create a greater balance in their life. Burnout is often a result of one’s desire to prove themselves, and eventually overcommitting and overwhelming.

As well as creating disengagement from your employment, burnout can cause relationship conflict, avoidance of social activities, and an overall dissatisfaction in life. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it is important to take action and make changes before complete burnout and disengagement occurs:

• Overwhelming or unexplained exhaustion
• Resenting your job
• Decreased motivation to complete tasks
• Withdrawing from social activities or friends
• Avoiding activities that you previously found pleasurable
• Unexplained mood swings
• Increased absenteeism and presenteeism
• Conflict or disengagement from loved ones
• Experiencing anxiety on the way to work, at work, and on the way home

If untreated, returning to work after experiencing burnout can lead to repeated unsuccessful attempts at engaging back into work. Cause Effect Psychologists have experience working in both a clinical and organisational setting, exposing them to individuals who are disengaged in both a personal and organisational setting. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.

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