Life Coaching

Life coaching supports you to be the person want to be and lead the life you ideally want to lead. At points of our life, we will lack motivation and lose sight of what our ideal life looks like. This is a normal human condition. However, with the support of a life coach, you can learn the tools to enhance motivation and empower self to achieve the goals which bring your life the most value.

Life coaching can assist you to reach goals across your personal and professional life. It can support to improve your relationship with your spouse, colleagues, family and friends, and help you to gain a better sense of organisation in your life. Other benefits that life coaching can bring to you includes increased confidence and enhanced direction.

When you begin to make changes in your life, the brain releases a reward hormone called dopamine. With the guidance of a coach, these changes eventually turn into habits. The brain recognises the benefits of these new actions and craves more dopamine release. A life coach can assist you to not only implement new behaviours and habits, but also eliminate actions which decrease motivation and reduces accountability to our ‘ideal life’. Supporting an individual to remove barriers to change is a crucial part of life and performance coaching.

If you are looking for a greater level of fulfilment in your life or assistance to set specific goals, Cause Effect Psychology specialise in coaching individuals to find a greater level of motivation, improve focus, cultivate passion, and develop successful habits. Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss life coaching and motivation with one of our registered psychologists.

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