Cause Effect Psychologists Kasia Gordon and Jodie Reimann provide supervision services for fully registered psychologists to support ongoing skills development, reflective practice, development and maintenance of required competencies for areas of endorsement (Organisational Psychology and Educational & Developmental Psychology, respectively), and to enhance self-knowledge, confidence and self-compliance.

We provide the following types of supervision within our practice Cause Effect Psychology:

Peer supervision/ Professional consultation: For fully registered psychologists to maintain their CPD requirements for registration within each 12-month registration cycle. Kasia also provides peer supervision for mental health workers who require support in managing the personal and professional demands of their role.

As a Certified Gottman Therapist, Kasia can also support therapists specialising in relationship counselling to hone their therapeutic knowledge, skills and experience. Kasia is also very passionate and knowledgeable around therapist self-care given the high rate of burnout in the mental health industry and provides professional supervision to support therapist quality of life and career longevity.

Organisational / Educational & Developmental endorsement supervision: For fully registered psychologists with postgraduate qualifications in organisational (K Gordon) or educational & developmental (J Reimann) psychology. This service meets the supervision requirements for endorsement in organisational or educational & developmental psychology.

Supervision fees

Supervision fees are determined by the type of supervision required (peer consultation, endorsement, professional compliance / practice, self care), the duration of the supervision session, and whether supervision occurs within or outside usual clinic hours.

Duration: Standard supervision sessions are 50 minutes in duration. 90 minute and 120 min sessions are at times required to meet certain AHPRA and PsyBA standards within a specified time-frame.

Goods and Services Tax (GST): Supervision services to support professional practice attract GST, meaning you can claim these sessions back at tax-time as a work-related expense.

Fees for supervision provided during usual clinic hours

Fees for face-to-face, Zoom or telephone-based supervision that takes place during normal clinic hours are determined by the supervisor directly. All enquiries should be directed to

Payment terms and conditions for supervision services

Cause Effect Psychology offers supervision services on a fee-for-service basis. This arrangement includes the following terms and conditions:

  • Supervision fees are paid at the time of each supervision session. We are an automated clinic.
  • Supervisees are provided with a payment receipt once the payment has been made. This receipt can be used for both taxation purposes and as proof of attendance.

Organisational psychologist Kasia Gordon is a Psychology Board of Australia approved primary and secondary supervisor who has been a STAP (Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program) Accredited supervisor since 2015.

Endorsed Educational & Developmental psychologist Jodie Riemann has also completed her Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program (STAP) to provide professional supervision.

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