Conflict Management and Mediation Services

Conflict Management and Mediation Services

Managing conflict is a major issue for organisations today. If not managed proactively, conflict can result in reduced commitment, increased staff turnover and reduced wellbeing and work performance.

Conflict management strategies provide a set of principles and skills that individuals and groups apply in managing conflict and reaching agreements that will satisfy all parties and preserve relationships. Mediation or facilitated discussion is an important component of conflict management services. It is often through mediation that parties are assisted to ‘separate the people from the problem’. To successfully address ‘complex’ conflict, it is often important that the intervention strategy extend beyond mediation.

Our model of practice is based on both empirical research on best practice in the area of conflict management and our experience in methods that achieve results for our clients. It is comprised of three key phases:
Assessment Phase
Our assessment takes into account: the individual characteristics of the parties involved; the broader organisational environment in which the conflict is embedded and; the parameters for intervention with respect to both desired
outcomes and cost.

Intervention Phase
In meeting with line management, we will discuss which direction to take regarding any intervention. The intervention phase includes a range of possible options, the combination, scope and timing of which are determined by the specific characteristics of the conflict.

Follow-Up Phase
Our interventions typically leave parties equipped with new interpersonal skills and abilities that enable them to better understand, manage and prevent the future recurrence of counter-productive conflict. This is particularly true for the follow-up phase, which emphasises a learning component for line management in relation to their ability to manage and prevent staff conflict.

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