Grief & Loss

Grief is the result of a loss. Losing something or someone is an extraordinarily difficult thing. Grief is a normal human response and an important part of adjusting to the loss. When people experience grief symptoms, it is easy for them to think their response is irrational or unjustified. This is an unhelpful belief which will lead to a person’s grief symptoms lasting longer and possibly being more intense. Counselling supports those grieving to move through the symptoms grief appropriately.

Symptoms such as anger, guilt, sadness, confusion, denial, bargaining, hopelessness, helplessness, anxiety and depression are not unusual, just your way of coping with the loss. Psychologists can help you manage these symptoms and work to an adjustment point, without allowing the normal symptoms to impact upon your relationships with others.

The grief process is not the same roadmap for every person. You will not experience symptoms in a sequential order or even experience any symptoms immediately. You may experience one symptom more than all the others. The duration and intensity of every grief process is different. The goal is to work to an adjustment point where the loss is not impairing function or impacting upon you leading a thriving life. That seems impossible at first, however with support, it can be achieved.

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